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Sonny McKenna

Jay sped down the two-lane highway, mashing a piece of straw between his teeth, his pulse quick with anticipation. The windows were rolled down in the older model Chevy pick-up, battered outside with dents and scratches, it was blazing hot and the truck had no AC. Neither one of the occupants cared about the heat. Next to Jay on the torn tattered bench seat was the young Chris. Jay cruised Chris at the gym, Jay was searching for something incredibly special in Chris, and within the first 5 minutes of speaking to young Chris, Jay knew he found it.

Jay was very muscular, beefy, a few inches shorter than Chris, but outweighed Chris easily by 80 pounds who was way less developed but looked down at Jay from about 6 feet. Chris was naïve, 18, Jay 32, but told Chris he was 27 to help gain his confidence. Over the previous few weeks Jay and Chris lifted at the gym together, talked about their mutual love for wrestling before Jay started to tell Chris he would make a great wrestler, young, good looking, the perfect good-guy character. Chris was like putty in Jay’s hand. It did not take much convincing to entice the young man into getting into the ring for a once in a lifetime opportunity. He went on to say it was an opportunity he would have taken, if it had not been for his bad knee he got the first time he got in the ring https://4kpornindex.com .

“Yo, you are ready for this, Bro.” Jay said as he watched Chris tie his boot lace into a knot.

Chris nodded his head yes in agreement, he started on the other black long patten leather boot, he laced up, once finished he clapped his hands in a show of enthusiasm and to pump himself up. His boots laced up a couple inches below the knee, his legs untanned, lean but still impressive, he wore black wrestling trunks and a black tank top with small insignia of chain links on it, he had a bit of a baby face, probably could not grow a full beard even if he wanted.

“So, it will just be you, me and him, right?” Chris asked.

“Well, no its going to be him and also his “promoter” and I think they booked an actual referee, this is the real deal. Big time break here. Do not forget we have to set a scene, so to get that authentic machismo wrestling attitude myself and his manager will be cheering you guys on, talking shit to one another. I want to see you crush that guy; don’t worry I will be right there.” Jay said to his passenger.

Chris was excited to show off, to do some wrestling, get paid to do what he wanted to do most in life. Wrestle and perform to hear the roar of the crowd.

They turned off the highway. In a few minutes, they approached a rundown warehouse looking building, it looked deserted.

Jay pulled up to the building parking only a few feet away. He looked around to see if anyone else was approaching, he did not see anyone. He checked his cell that he pulled from his pocket. After pretending to read a text, he nodded his head before he started to tell Chris of a change for the match.

“Ugh I just got a text, it is going to be a different guy, this guy’s name is Gage I think, he is a little bigger, but you know what, you two will look very good and the contrast will be evident, I think you will enjoy it. I know that I absolutely will. So, once we go in, march over to the ring, rip your tank top off, look tough, puffed up chest, this is your debut, your moment, show this fucker who the fucking boss is. I will be right behind you. Now let’s do this!” Jay gave Chris a stiff punch on the bicep with a burst of enthusiasm.

They both exited the vehicle, walked over to a grey metal door. Jay open the door for Chris, the door opening with a loud creak. Chris slapped himself a couple times in the face to get himself more pumped up. He entered the doorway; doing his best pro wrestler impression, strutting chest out like his mentor advised him. Chris tore the tank top off and threw it off to the side, he flexed and moved towards the center of the room, a single light shined over a single wrestling ring complete with the red ropes around and padded turnbuckles. he heard the door slam shut behind him, then heard what sounded like a loud metal clank all around him.

Chris eagerly jumped into the empty ring, raised his arm in an attempt to look big marching around the ring. It was at this point he realized he could not see much further than beyond the ring itself, just darkness. A man, an older gentleman, average height but thick and muscular, wearing a tight black and white striped referee shirt, tight black pants to match, he stepped out of the darkness into the ring and loudly began to announce Chris.

With a boom in his voice he proceeded to introduce the wrestlers, “In this corner we have making his wrestling debut; already in the ring standing 6 feet tall, and weighing in at 185 pounds Chris the Killer Kid,” speaking into a microphone like at a pro match. Chris chuckled to himself as to how corny it was, he never called himself Killer. Chris turned towards his corner of the ring in nervous anticipation of his opponent.

The referee continued “And now coming to the ring, standing 6 feet, two hundred and sixty-eight pounds of towering muscle, full of rage he is Gage!” said with more enthusiasm and with more excitement than Chris’s introduction.

Chris spun around to face the opposite corner of the ring still empty, not sure if what he had just heard was right, Chris assumed that he really said one hundred sixty-eight pounds, should be easy pickings for the self-appointed novice he thought.

The light over the ring went out suddenly, in the far corner the sound of a slight commotion, then a blast of pyrotechnics. Two towers of sparks shot from the floor leading up to the ring the sparks shot about ten feet into the air. A figure appeared between the presentation of the two pyrotechnics, loud booms accompanied, then the blaring of heavy metal music echoed in the warehouse. The silhouette was massive, wide and bulbus with muscles, Chris could hear a primal scream emanate from the figure over the deafening music, his arms raised up. The light came on over the ring, the pyrotechnics ended as Chris’s opponent approached the ring.

It was in this moment Chris realized he was fucked, he looked over to the referee who did not react in anyway. Chris looked behind him looking for Jay into the darkness, Chris was not going to be able to compete in this. He started to exit the ring looking for a way out, the darkness was replaced by bright lights overhead. Shocked Chris realized he was in a wrestling ring surrounded on all sides by a massive chain link cage, about 6 feet around between the ring and the cage that stood at least 3 times taller than Chris, barbed wire tightly woven into the fence stretching down from the top about 3 feet, making escape impossible. Congregated at the far end of the cage: a group of men, about a dozen of them, sleazy looking muscle-bound intimidating wrestler types. They appeared to range in ages; one around Chris’s age to men with mature silver hair and very muscled, one dude who looked he be in his late 60’s. Once the lights came up and the heavy metal ceased, the small crowd started to get vocal and rowdy, laughing. Laughing at the heel in the ring who has just realized he is in trouble.

“Fuck no, this is not what I signed up for. Let me the fuck out of here!” Chris found Jay standing outside the chain link, he started again to approach looking for an exit.

As Chris got closer to the chain link he noticed a sleazy looking man break off from the crowd and also approach Jay, the man held a thick stack of folded dollar bills to Jay, padded him on the back warmly. Jay held out his hand and accepted the stack of money, grinned at Chris and happily shook the mans hand. Chris was shocked, he could not believe what was happening.

“There is a little extra for you there Son, you have earned it, you have redeemed yourself for today, the others insist that you come join us.” The man said with his hand on Jay’s back. Jay eagerly joined the sleazy organizer to engage with the group of other sleazy looking men, leaving Chris standing there in disbelief for a moment.

“You’re um,” Turning back to Chris Jay choked, “You’re going to um to do great” Jay said, then busted out into the laugh that he had been holding for weeks. There had been no change in plan from a text message only a few minutes ago, there was never a plan that Chris would make his wrestling debut, he had been sold out. It was all made up. Jay hunted Chris, found the kid that could be easily manipulated from the gym, Chris was like a mark you could see coming a mile away https://hotmyfreecams.com .

Jay was greeted by the group, shaking hands, fist bumping with the other men. Chris followed behind on the other side of the cage, telling them he wants out, that he needs to leave, that they were going to be sorry. In that moment the bell from the ring rang twice signifying the start of the match. Chris turned to the ring to see his opponent in the full light, Chris doubted they were the same height, the man towering over him standing about a dozen feet away he looked to be at least 6’4, his mass was tremendous, his body thick with muscle, massive chest, arms as big as Chris’s thigh, legs looked beyond trained, a thick meaty ass to match, it was obvious that he was on steroids as his muscular gut protruded forward. With his intimidating mohawk he stood in the center of the ring and silently pointed to Chris who had turned around desperately scanning for an exit. The crowd of spectators started getting rowdier, Chris could feel them take joy in his fear, his starting to panic. Chris shocked and petrified, he turned back to the cage, to plead for his release, Jay at this point had a lit cigar clasped in his jaw, the thick smoke floated past his face as he smirked and looked on at Chris pleading, there was not a single shred of remorse in Jay.

Before Chris could even turn to plead with his opponent, Gage jumped over the top rope, reared up and kicked young Chris in the middle of the back like a SWAT officer kicking open a suspects door. The blow sending Chris crashing into the cage face first. The sound of the impact from boot to back, the sound of face to cage was nothing compared to the roar that came from the pack of men watching intently, raising their fists, shaking their fists worked up in frenzy, cheering for the violence on display and demanding more. Chris was dazed but lucid enough to hear encouragement from the crowd to “Mess this fuck face up, tear him up! Tear him up!” the pack was ravenous.

Chris was knocked to his knees bleeding from a gnash on his face, Gage his opponent grabbed him by the throat with one hand, with his grip firm on his heels neck he dragged him into the ring, Once at the center of the ring and his grip was loosened Chris tried to get to his feet in a futile attempt to fight, only to have Gage deliver a blow to his already battered back, knocking Chris to the mat of the ring. He stood over Chris allowing him to get to his feet, Chris began to plea to be let out, he told his opponent he forfeited, clasped his hand together continuing to plead, turned to the referee and plead to him too. The referee just snordeled, then grinned and shook his head in a look of almost pity at the bleeding Chris. Gage let out a primal scream, ran towards Chris with his arm out stiff, Chris was knocked off his feet back into the turnbuckle with a brutal clothesline. Having been flung back into the turnbuckle then tumbling forward to Gage’s feet.

Like a rag doll Chris was grabbed by the scruff of the neck held up by Gage’s left hand, he was pushed into the corner of the ring leaning back against the turnbuckle. Gage took several large steps back, like a bull charging full steam Gage lunged throwing his massive roided body at the tiny heel petrified in the corner. At the last second Gage lifted one boot, contacting Chris’s jaw. A brutal crack from Chris’s face, he drops to the mat, instantly he brings both hands to his face trying to sooth the pain. His jaw was shattered, several teeth had been knocked out or broken he spit the broken teeth and blood onto the mat. His brutal moans of pain could barely be heard over the eruption of the demented crowd. They banged like animals on the cage, ready to tear through to be part of the action if they could.

Chris in the most terror and pain of his life, he just wanted this to end. Rolling around in agony he opened his eye to see Gage standing with his boot hovering over his head. Gage was just waiting for Chris to realize what was about to happen. Chris put his hands up tried to beg for mercy through his bleeding broken mouth, he could barely breathe with all the blood rolling down the back of his throat. Gage stared with his dead eyes into Chris’s face showing utter terror. Chris begging for mercy only intensified Gage’s lust for violence. He picked up the victim by the throat again. This time Gage bending over with both hands he lifted and squeezed tight, his meaty hands could feel the cartilage around Chris’s windpipe, he tightened his grip, a smile from Gage when he noticed he had blown blood vessels in Chris’s eyes. He held the boy up for a moment to inspect his work, Gage spit up into his face, letting go of one hand Gage then used all his force to choke slam Chris down onto the center of the ring, his legs and arms spasm with the impact, then he goes limp for a few moments. The crowd of depraved maniacs went crazy hooting and hollering, Gage looked into the pack, locking eyes with the sleazy man that Jay gave money to, a head shake from the sleaze bag and Gage diverted his attention back to the disoriented, battered heel on the mat at his feet. Chris tried to move, but could barely due to the pain, he just wriggled around, he was starting to lose consciousness.

Gage jumped out of the ring, ran around to one side of the mat, lifted the skirt surrounding the ring, located a folding chair among a few other items that had been planted. Gage tossed the chair into the air spinning it backwards and catching it, he did this several times showing off for the crowd at the same time showing the weapon like a trophy. The crowd laughed and clapped; Gage took the folding chair spinning it backwards in the air he threw it over Chris who was still flattened out from the merciless choke slam. Chris could not react to protect his body as the chair landed leg first into his stomach. His reaction sat him up, eyes popped wide open and mouth gaped blood dripped out, a moan barely escaped from Chris. Gage jumped back in the ring collects the chair, he then opens the metal folding chair, locates Chris’s left arm and inserts the arm between the seat and the rung that makes up the outer back of the metal folding chair, Chris tries to pull his arm out as he knows what’s about to come next. In total fear and terror, Chris wriggling, trying to get away. The sound Chris was making, a cross between crying and begging could not be heard over the depraved cheers from the twisted set of spectators unable to contain their lust for senseless violence. They proudly rejoiced in pure evil delight seeing their prey in such pain, suffering.

The crowd screaming on for blood. Gage climbed to the top of the turnbuckle opposite the crowd, launched himself as high into the air as possible, slamming his massive body down as hard as the laws of physics would allow. Making direct contact with the seat back of the chair, Gage could feel immediately the forearm was destroyed, pulverized, he leapt to his feet raising his meaty muscled arms in satisfaction. Gage let out a bellow louder than Chris’s bellow of pain. Screaming in pure agony Chris felt every break and crack of the two bones in his forearm, his limbs flailing in a futile attempt to control the pain. Gage drops to the mat, crawls on the spread out Chris, lifts his leg over his shoulder pinning him to the mat, the referee slides down to the mat and starts the count, Chris is relieved as this is now over.

“One, two….” The referee yells down with a slap of the mat for each count. Suddenly Gage lets off and drops Chris the heap of bleeding broken boy just before the count of three.

Gage lets out a laugh and picks Chris up, throws him over his shoulder, barely able to fight Chris sadly wriggles on Gages shoulder before Gage with all 268 pounds heads for the turn buckle at full speed, leans in. He crushes Chris into the middle turn buckle, Chris drops to the mat like a sack of potatoes. Gage flips over the semi-conscious moaning man onto his back, assumes the same pin position, the referee counts to two and Gage jumps off, circles Chris who is just groaning pile of beaten meat, bleeding on the mat. Gage looks to the crowd of depraved men; he spots the man who orchestrated this entire debauched session. The nod is given, Gage nods back in acknowledgement https://4kpornindex.com/category/porn-sex-games-sites/ .

Gage picked up Chris got him in a standing full nelson, shook some life back into his body. Gage showed Chris off to the crowd, they cheered to see the battered young man, bleeding, barely alive. They cared not for him, they cared only for their perverse need for blood. Gage knew the life was starting to slip away from Chris, he spun hurling Chris over the top rope, Chris landed hard on the concrete only a few feet from the cage lined by the pack of sickos who called on for more violence. Before Gage could make his way to his prey spit was being spewed onto Chris who was laid out on his back his broken arm curled up under his back in a sickening position. He was being pelted with wads of spit and hawked up snot, a couple of the men grabbed through the cage in the hopes of getting a piece of their heel, but it was just out of their murderous reach.

Gage approached, lifted his left leg over the crotch of Chris, held it there showed off for the crowd who are screaming for blood,

“NO MERCY!” was screamed out at least half dozen times.

Feeding off the depraved energy of the crowd Gage looks at the demented group for a moment before slamming his boot down directly on the boy’s crotch, mashing and destroying his dick. Gage repeated the action a dozen times in rapid succession. The crowd roared. Chris passed out from the pain began choking on his own blood and bits of his teeth, sensing the loss of life Gage knelt down. Determined to kill he pulled Chris up by the ear, sat his torso up balanced against Gage’s knee, they faced the crowd who were looking on in delight. Gage took his left hand and placed it on the forehead, the right on the back of the head.

As if time slowed, Gage looks to the audience, their eyes wide with hate, lust, they banged and kicked the cage, they were ready.

Using his thick meaty hands Gage pulled his left hand back holding Chris’s head while pushing forward with his right hand he felt a tension in the neck almost instantly, he twisted the neck fast and hard, the snap was loud, Gage felt it in his hands, the snap, the limbs stiffened for an instant. The head was turned almost backwards, Gage growled in satisfaction of the kill. He bolted to his feet and let the body slump to the concrete stained with blood and spit.

Gage stood over and straddled the body, spit on the carcass. he glistened with beads of sweat, stains of blood on his boots and knuckles, a few random splatter patterns on his torso. He pulled his wrestling trunks to one side and took out his dick. An average cock, that looked kind of small on such a massive man, yet his erection rigid and veiny, only a 5 or 6 hard strokes and Gage began to orgasm from the inside, he took his hand off his cock. He threw his head up and back, let out a guttural roar, his body twitched, a final push from inside of Gage and the sperm shot from his ball spewed and shot way over Chris, only a small amount of the first spurt landing on his face bloodied and swollen. Gage pushed again spurting out another big load of hot sperm, this time making a direct shot to the dead heels neck and chest. Two more thick shots emanated from Gage’s dick before he finished heaving with breath.

Most of the maniacal spectators had taken this opportunity to gratify themselves at the site of the brutal attack of this young man. The referee blasted a load sitting on the side of the ring when he watched Gage kill the boy.

“Bring it here, drag that fuck over here” one of the men yelled trying futilely grabbing through the cage.

Gage shook off his cock, a couple more globs dropped onto the pile of dead in front of him. Leaning over he used the boy’s mouth and nose as a handle. The body was dragged up to the cage and deposited in front of the men with the cage still separating them. The men had already began stroking their dicks, most were close to climax, two ejaculated without touching their cocks when the neck was snapped. Gage had managed to internally decapitate Chris, this was based on how far the wrong way the head was now pointed. Pushing each other out of the way, a couple men put their dicks through the chain link and pissed on the body while the others stroked off. Finally, each of the depraved maniacs approached the cage, spit on the body and beat off spewing thick loads of cock snot through the fence. The men cheered each other on. They all blasted loads onto the corpse.

Gage paced back and forth in the cage while the sleazy organizer addressed the group.

“Yes! my demented brothers, another successful session thanks to brother Jay, without Jay’s procurement of this,” pointing at the body of Chris covered in a layer of cum over the battered swollen body. He continued https://4kpornindex.com/category/anal-porn-paysites/ .

“If he had not brought that, then we brothers would be feasting on HIS suffering, wouldn’t we? Find us another, or you are next.” The sleazy man said to Jay, as the group nodded heads in agreement.

Jay did not take this as a threat, more of challenge. In fact, for the first time in his life he enjoyed his work.

Jay watched in his peripheral as Gage and the referee dragged the body to the back of the warehouse for disposal.

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Sonny McKenna

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